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Handcrafted 18th Century American Furniture


Eldred Wheeler Cannonball Bed

For over 35 years Eldred Wheeler has been the premeier source for American Cannonball Beds handcrafted in solid Tiger Maple & Cherry.

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Cannonball bed wood finishesCannonball bed wood finishes

Eldred Wheeler Cannonball
Shown In Photo:
Country Cannonball

Eldred Wheeler Cannonball Bed Headboard Choices: see samples below

Cannonball bed headboards

Eldred Wheeler Cannonball Bed Options:
Angle Iron Size 3" or 5"
3" Headboard Extension $195.00
Blanket Rail $395.00

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Eldred Wheeler - Antique Reproduction Cannonball beds

Eldred Wheeler's goal
is to create Cannonball beds that could be found in an eighteenth century New England bedrooms and other antique reproduction American furniture - chests, cupboards, highboys, tables and chairs found elsewhere in a traditional colonial home.

To that end Eldred Wheeler furniture is built very differently from the modern "production" furniture permeating the reproduction furniture market today.

Eldred Wheeler has strived to accomplish our goal of producing affordable, investment quality antique reproduction cannonball beds and other furniture to the same standards set by eighteenth century American furniture makers.

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Eldred Wheeler Cannonball bedDetail of Eldred Wheeler Cannonball Bed


Eldred Wheeler furniture:
Reproduction antique American furniture

Eldred Wheeler is the fulfillment of a dream to create antique reproduction antique cannonball beds, chests, cupboards, tables, hutches, cabinets, desks and bookcase in the same manner as early American cabinetmakers. Our own love of 18th Century American furniture, coupled with the limited number of antique originals, prompted us to find a way to build authentic, affordable pieces.

Every piece of Eldred Wheeler reproduction antique American furniture is created by hand and maintains the same traditions as 18th Century American craftsmen in the areas of design, materials, joinery, carving and finishing. In order to create a visually attractive surface, wide boards are used wherever possible. Eldred Wheeler searches throughout New England to find premium select woods of maple, cherry, and tiger maple. The wood is carefully stacked and dried; and then only after it has reached the proper moisture content, is it ready to be used.

These woods are then crafted by Eldred Wheeler using classic 18th Century American joinery - including the dovetail joint and the mortise and tenon joint.

Both of these techniques require a skilled craftsman, as each dovetail or tenon joint has to be carefully marked, cut and hand-fitted.

At Eldred Wheeler, we utilize these time proven techniques for all of our antique reproduction furniture. Each piece is then planed by hand and scraped to achieve a surface typical of fine 18th Century American antiques. An important feature in many of our reproductions is the famous Eldred Wheeler hand carved shell and pinwheels. Eldred Wheeler carvers spend hours on each carving, accounting for the increased value of our fine furniture.